Crate Cafe Review: Breakfast Warehouse Heaven. Canggu – Bali

Crate Cafe Review: Breakfast Warehouse Heaven. Canggu – Bali

Inside Crate Cafe

In a land where nothing “bad” exists on a menu. A dreamland where breakfast is served all day long. Where the vibes are funky and fun for all ages and the food will have you coming back for more, Crate Cafe really does have it all. 

I’m an avid user of yelp back in the states and when I travel abroad I get a little sad that they don’t use it as much for ratings and finding awesome restaurants and even hole in the wall type places. But I have found that using Instagram can somewhat help with that. One morning in Canggu, I looked up hashtag “bestbreakfastincanggu” and two posts came up- both took me to this Crate Cafe. I looked them up, did a few scrolls and decided “Yep, this is the place for me to try today.” So let’s get to this review.  

Ambiance 8.8/10 : 

We’ve driven by in the past and the place is always full and crowded which is usually a good indication of a decent place. There are just so many western type places in Bali and we really like to stick to the local foods to get the full experience but by passing up on this place, you would be not be getting the full experience of Bali-as that is (sadly) what I am realizing makes up a small part of the culture – the good, colorful and creative Western food.  

On the inside, it’s open and laid out with community tables, single tables and couch areas for any experience you really want to have while you eat breakfast. There’s a bar facing the street and around the corner a lounge-type place where couches galore live for you to chill and eat your breakfast or sip coffee and work remotely. Want to sit alone and not talk? Single table. Want to try to socialize because maybe you’re traveling solo? Group table. Hungover/tired and want to chill and sip a nice healthy smoothie comfortably? Couch area. It’s hip with a good music soundtrack. It’s not quiet inside so if you are needing a peaceful breakfast by a rice field, this might not quite be it. 

Menu 9/10 : 

It’s huge, it’s diverse, everything looks and is described well – which I am big on. Tell me what I’m eating and make me really want it before it arrives *drool*

All the food costs the same amount 55,000 Rupiah about $3.50-4 they have acai and chia bowls and smoothies also that are very popular and fresh. They have brunchish/lunch items as well where you can order a salad if you want to.  I got the Boom Boom Chick salad once and it was huge, and wonderful.

Crate Cafe Review
Chick Chick Boom Salad

TASTE: 8.2/10 

You can’t go wrong with what you order. It’s all made to order and is large portioned and just plain good! There wouldn’t be a line of at least 20 people by 10 am if it wasn’t. I’ve ordered a few different things and they have all been very good. If you are looking for a good avocado toast, the Veto is your go-to. I love a good avocado toast and it’s such a hit or miss out here with the quality of avocado and the amount that you receive. (I had an Avocado toast at Single Finn and let’s just say I would avoid that one altogether). 

The breakfast burrito is decent for a Bali style burrito. You can’t quite compare it to the burritos I am used to from back home in California as even the tortilla is a bit different, maybe not as fresh. But with that said, it’s still a pretty good breakfast burrito – I would easily order it again.

Service 8.0/10: 

You go up to an order window to place your order, they give you a number and you pick your table. Even with the number of people in there, the food comes relatively fast. 


If you love a good start to your day, you can’t miss this spot. It has large portions of healthy fresh food. Bare in mind, if you get there after 10:00 am expect a line. I’ve been watching the line for almost 40 minutes now as I finish my food and finish up this review and it literally hasn’t moved…. due to more people arriving – the line itself goes at a decent rate. 

Location: Canggu, Bali

Price range: 30,000-55,000 RPH ($2-4 USD) 

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