12 Restaurants You Must Try in Ubud, Bali For Under $7 USD

12 Restaurants You Must Try in Ubud, Bali For Under $7 USD

I heard a few things about Ubud before arriving – hippy pippy came up more than a few times. I knew it was known more for its yoga and spiritual healing than the surf scene and I was okay with that. A yoga-meditation retreat is actually what lead me there for so long. On the retreat, we practiced eating vegan for a straight week, something I had never done before in my life. I thought it would be hard but it was lovely.

Delicious and healthy food and I felt full ( I think I ate more knowing it was so healthy). With every bite of a vegan meal the intention seemed different – you eat to nourish your body, rather than eating to satisfy a craving. It was different and I loved the way it made me feel. 

Like my post on my favorite places to eat in Canggu, there are a million places to eat in Ubud and most of them probably decent. I ate out a lot while in Ubud, and the following list is of my absolute favorites that I don’t think you should miss out on. 

#1. Alchemy

This was one of my first restaurants in Ubud and I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I ate there. An all raw restaurant was a foreign concept to me at first. Even their desserts were raw. I ended up going back twice(each time forgetting to photograph the food though because every time the food would show up I would be that excited – total brain fart – sorry).

I ended up loving this place. The atmosphere, the off the path location, the large menu, the decor that was welcoming with no clutter but tastefully done, the little gift store in front – even the bathrooms I liked. It was perfect for working remotely or having a nice meal for two or a group of 8.

They had infused water you could help yourself to for free as long as you were eating a meal or drinking a coffee. Don’t let RAW scare you away here, you leave feeling so good about yourself and your brain loves the food. A must try in Ubud.

Recommended: Cannelloni, The Soup Bar- specifically the tamarind, Pasta Primavera, Alchemy Salad, Bounty bar, any juice/ smoothie. 

#2. Clear Cafe

Another absolute favorite. It’s on the main road in town near the Monkey forest but off the road a bit – trust me you will walk right past this place over and over if you aren’t really looking for it. 

You take your shoes off before you enter the beautiful doorway. There is an extra upstairs area as well and it’s the only restaurant in Ubud with a fireman’s pole you can slide down (I’m not entirely sure what that’s about).

Their menu is huge, the options will have you wanting to order two (or more) dishes. This is also a great place to work remotely as the chairs are comfortable and the vibe is very welcoming and mind freeing. 

Recommended: Moringa juice, their special jackfruit pulled nachos, blackened fish tacos, and tuna meal with wasabi mashed potatoes. 

Best food in Ubud
Nachos and Tuna Meal

#3. L’Osteria

Best Pizza in Ubud

This I think is the best pizza place I had been to in Bali. Napoli style. You can tell by walking by that this place has style and you are immediately drawn to the amazingly huge copper pizza oven in the back being handled by an Italian himself.

The place was only four months new as of October 2019 and I had been there twice already. I loved it. You can sit outside and pretend you are in Italy or inside away from the hustle of the street if you want a more quiet dinner.

The staff and service are wonderful and make sure you have everything you need.

The crust is fluffy and delicious and they have a proper chili oil to dip your crust in if you are into that sort of thing. I’m almost positive they made their dough fresh as well as their sauce and the cheese and every ingredient was fresh and very good.

Every pizza was under $7 and made with so much love. They also have pasta and other dishes other than pizzas too. I didn’t notice any gluten-free options or vegan options though (at least yet). Only open for dinner.

Recommended: Diavola, Margarita, Napoli pizza. Bruschetta 

 #4. Warung Citta’ Est Pizza and Pasta

Since we are talking pizza, this small warung on a side street also knows how to bake a mean pizza. They also homemade their dough and sauce and have a full page of options to choose from. This was the first time in my life I had a pizza flight. Yes, a flight of 5 different small pizzas. Which after I ordered them felt bad that the one woman had to cut each ingredient on her own but none the less! This place was so good, and surprisingly had great internet if you need to pull your laptop out and work remotely. Each small pizza was about $1-1.50 USD and so fun to try the different ones. 

Recommended: Margarita, teriyaki chicken, mushroom and ham, vegetarian, 

The Patio

#5 Muse Cafe

Best Patio in Bali
Muse Cafe Patio

This was spotted on a scooter ride and up far enough from the main street you wouldn’t find it without a mention. Do not go to Ubud and skip out on Muse. Their breakfasts were what kept us coming back but their dinner menu looked great too.

Also a great place to work remotely. What I loved about this place is they had a sign that said no laptops out past 6 pm. Get yo work done in the morning like everyone else and then come here to enjoy yo dinner – was the message I took away from that.

Recommend: Avocado miso mushroom toast, poached eggs with asparagus, RED JUICE all the way. Their coffee is also wonderful. 

#6. Warung Bu Rus

This is a warung vibe with a wonderful seating area (which they do not all have). From the outside, it looks like a classic warung would look, but once you walk through the doors to the garden area, it’s huge, and beautiful, and welcoming. It’s a great place to have some local Indonesian food and have a great experience at that.

I will admit the warungs are small and could scare people off by their not so glamorous vibe, and ordering Indonesian food at a western type restaurant, well, it’s just triple the price but if your into that sort of thing – be my guest.

This place though, great seating and great pricing. Very much recommend this place and it’s off the main street a bit (so it’s quiet). Score. 

Recommended: Any curry (I asked for it to be spicy and it was so darn good), Gado Gado, their fish filet (Ikan Bakar), carrot juice (request no sugar or sugar on the side). 

#7. Folk

This is a great place to not only have a bite to eat but to lounge by or in the pool for the day. You pay extra for a sun-bed, but not more than $20 USD and you can hang out all day. Or you can lay for free by the pool and order drinks and snacks all day too. This place is near the monkey forest but off the main road, and if you are not looking for it you will walk right past it.  It has a great vibe of a beach club and hang out even though there is no beach in sight. There is a swim-up bar and they do yoga on Sunday’s. Bring your suit just in case!

Recommended: Potato wedges, Chicken Thai salad, Pumpkin salad, and cocktails.

#8. La Cantina

I don’t last long without craving my Mexican food. It’s one of my favorites and not something you can always find abroad. This place was a little more “expensive” but it had really good food and I think you could have even gotten a proper margarita here. There is an upstairs seating area as well that can overlook the street if you want some entertainment. The food was all really good and if you want a break from Indonesian food, this place is a good stop.

Recommended: Nachos, Chicken Tacos, Carnitas Tacos

#9. Milk and Madu

Not to keep talking about pizza or anything, but here’s another great place to add to your list and make sure it’s on a Tuesday or Sunday from 4 – closing because they do this awesome thing where you buy one pizza and you get one free plus there is live music. win win win win. The place is great inside, great vibe lovely food (they serve much more than pizza) and also, yes you guessed it, a great place to work remotely. Their pizza is pretty good, and they have a menu full of other things as well. 

Recommended: Margarita, Seafood and bbq chicken pizza. 

Best food in ubud
BBQ chicken pizza and The Anchor in the background

#10. Bebek Tepi Sawah

You’ve heard of crispy duck, and you will have a wonderful one here at this restaurant. The place is huge and spread out so you could potentially eat your meal in a nice secluded area. Don’t worry, there are waiters at every station so you won’t be forgotten about.

It’s placed in the middle of a rice field it seems like for a very relaxing scenery for dinner. The menu has more than crispy duck but that’s what people go there for. Large portions, fast and delicious.

It was my first duck experience and I really really liked it. I got the smoked duck actually, which fell right off the bones and was so good and easy to eat. I did also try the crispy version and really liked it also. I don’t think you can go wrong. They came out much faster than expected. A definite must-try while in Bali. 

Recommended: Crispy Duck, Smoked Duck, * I think each Duck meal was $9-12 USD but I had to add it to the list.

Best food in ubud
Crispy Duck

#11. Toro Sushi

This is one of the better sushi places I have been to in Bali. I’m a sucker for an expensive sushi meal out and what I love about Bali is, even though it’s one of the pricier meals, it’s still far from expensive. Every roll is $4-6 USD and they are big and fresh and really good.

The place has a nice outdoor feel and is off the main road so you aren’t listening to scooters ride past while you have your meal ( I hate that and try to avoid it at all costs).

If you like sushi, you will love this place.

Recommended: Sashimi platter, house salad (it’s huge for just over $1 USD), the special rolls.

#12. Suka Espresso

When I first noticed this place it looked like just a regular coffee shop. However, when I went inside, settled into their rooftop patio, and saw that their menu had so many good food options that I could hardly choose something, I immediately fell for this place. They had great coffee, great food, a good working remote scene.

They are busy for breakfast and brunch hours and then it seems to taper off. They also serve dinner and that is really good as well. I’m not much of a “coffee shop” lover, but I really liked this place and I wish I could go every morning.

Recommended: cappuccino, chicken bowl, milkshakes, smoothies, lamb wrap.

Hope this list of my favorite restaurants in Ubud helps you pick your next meal, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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