Kelapa Retreat and Spa Review – West Bali’s Gem

Kelapa Retreat and Spa Review – West Bali’s Gem

In the North West of Bali, past Uluwatu, past Kuta, past Canggu, you will find a small local town called Medewi and right before you enter Medewi you will come through a town called Pekutatan. If you are the type of person who loves to party, loves feeling like your in a western atmosphere with western food and bars for going out at night, well, this place may not be for you. BUT if you have been spending some time in Kuta, Canggu, or Seminyak and you feel like you aren’t getting the true Bali feel and experience, and want a break from the noise, and want to experience Bali before the fancy beach clubs, bars, and pizza joints were there, then Medewi/Pekutatan are for you. These places feel untouched and special to say the least. The resort doesn’t give you that “local” feeling but the town that surrounds you does. The resort is a 5-star resort and you will absolutely love the balance you can have by being there. On one hand, you are in pure bliss and luxury, but you have the capability to go out for a meal or a scooter ride with the locals and the place is just absolutely beautiful.

This review is specifically about a 5-star resort that is hidden in the town of Pekutatan. There is nothing quite like this place that I have found as you get to experience the raw real Bali that Canggu and Uluwatu just can’t offer as they are so crowded.

Don’t let the dirt road on the way up scare you, once you park, and start walking to the reception, you immediately feel the wonderful 5-star resort that you are expecting, or not expecting. Because usually when you book something online in Bali, if you’ve been here before you will agree, that the pictures can make places look far better than it really is when you arrive. The opposite happens with Kelapa Retreat and Spa. The photos online yes, are beautiful but the facility is even better when you get there. 


Like I said, the moment you walk up to reception you will know this place is pure paradise with the trail of plumeria flowers showing you the way. The rooms are huge, and have wonderful views of the ocean wherever you are staying. Some rooms even have their own infinity pools with an ocean view and I believe they have some villas with 2 bedrooms if you are in a group or with a family. It’s quiet and a really nice place to relax after spending a few days in the more touristy parts of Bali. The town of Pekutatan doesn’t include much, but once you are at the resort, you also won’t want to leave(but you should to go see this beautiful part of Bali). The small details of the room, and resort itself will keep you oohing and ahhing at how lucky you feel to have stumbled across this gem. The rooms are also so very well lit, not only with well thought out lights within but the door to the room, was a giant glass door so while you sit in bed, you actually feel like you are sitting outside as you watch the giant waves crashing. If you open the door, you are one step closer to being outside as you can hear the waves and it’s a nice added touch. Honestly, very well thought out and beautiful large rooms. I loved sitting in bed and feeling like I was sitting in a chair outside, but from the comfort of my bed! That’s a first!

Beautiful large balcony facing the ocean


As you would expect, the place is spotless. The rooms are very clean and if you request your room to be made up it’s clean right away it seems. I don’t think I need to go on and on about this, you get it. This is the first time in Bali I haven’t found any insects or lizards in my room lol not that that is awful, because I understand that they are harmless, just saying, this one didn’t come included with geckos inside. 


The bed is one of the more important things to me when I stay in a place, I’ve stayed in some places that are on the more expensive side and they don’t seem to have a comfortable bed. This place is on top of it with a king-size very comfortable bed, linens, and duvet blanket. They even have two pillows for each person, which I know you are thinking, yeah that’s standard – No – One pillow is fluffy and thicker and the other pillow is skinny and flat so you can choose which you like to sleep with as everyone is different in their pillow preference. See, I told you the small details will have you oohing and ahhing. 



The other favorite thing of mine when finding a great hotel room is the shower and the ability to have a hot shower, the whole time you are in the shower. This place does not disappoint when it comes to hot water. In fact, it’s almost too hot! (you can adjust it obviously) but that was also a nice surprise after staying in many places that didn’t have hot water for more than a few minutes. I never had an issue with running out of hot water. Even when I took a bath in the outdoor bathtub, there was plenty of hot water for it. The shower pressure could have been better but it was still no complaints to have been made in this department. 


Value for your money:

Worth every penny. Bali is a place where you can stay for $15 or $100 a night in a more touristy type place and feel like you are living the good life or there are other places you can still spend $500 a night also. It really has a budget for everyone whether you are a backpacker or luxury traveler. The value you get for this hotel though, I feel is special. Its a very good deal for what you get is what I am trying to say. For $135 / night you get a huge room with a view of the ocean – They call it the Ocean Villa. There are a few other types of room as I mentioned before that include 2 bedrooms or an infinity pool and the prices go up a bit for those, but still a great value if you are there with a group or family.

Infinity Pool
Infinity Pool
Daily Yoga Classes
Daily Yoga Classes
Sunrise from the beach
Sunrise from the beach

Not to mention, your stay comes with free breakfast. Not just any continental breakfast, or a buffet – a full on cooked wonderful breakfast where you can order 5 meals each if you wanted to. It starts out with a coffee or tea of choice. Then you get to choose a freshly made juice of watermelon, pineapple, mango etc. then a man or woman with a bread cart comes around and you get to choose from house-made muffins, croissants, and loaves of bread for your meal. THEN (yes seriously there’s so much more) then a beautiful fruit platter comes around. And then you also get to choose what you want from the menu. We stayed for 4 nights and looked forward to breakfast every single evening (yes, evening lol it was so good we were excited for it the night before it would happen). One of, if not the best breakfast I have had at a hotel that was included. You feel like you have the place to yourself there. I think they might even bring breakfast to your room if you request it. They really go above and beyond to make sure you are enjoying your time to the fullest.

Watermelon juice, iced coffee, and taro latte – We really went all out :b
Pre-breakfast snacks they bring you

They also set up in your room a book of all the tours that you can do for day trips. There is much more to do in Pekutatan than you might think! You will be overwhelmed with choices.


The location as I’ve slightly touched on is in a remote part of West Bali. You probably won’t be coming out this direction for any other reason, except to come to this resort. With that being said, you want to come. You want to visit and see this side of Bali as well. It’s as if it were the “real Bali” I like to call it. Not necessarily at the 5-star resort but the small-town feel and wonderful vibes you get from the local people around will win your heart and soul and I bet you will be recommending this place to your friends and making a return visit every time you come to Bali. 

They can prepare a marriage ceremony spot for you, and yes, the ocean is right behind me.


The spa is hands down just, amazing. You want to get a massage or three while you are here. The women are highly trained and will leave you feeling like butter when you leave. The rooms are beautiful! Like really beautiful with an open feel where you can listen to the waves while getting your massage. I would still say the value of the massage is worth well past the amount of money you spend on it. When you arrive you are given jamu – a local drink they have in Bali that is made of turmeric, lime, honey. and after your massage, you are given a really nice tea and even a fruit platter with a side of yogurt and honey. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been given a healthy wonderful snack after a really good massage. Opt for that 90 minutes, you won’t be disappointed. 

Spa overlooking the ocean for a relaxing massage

Please visit their website to book your stay at You will not regret this wonderful decision of pure bliss after a hectic visit to the more touristy places of Bali. This will be one of those places you revisit year after year.

Terima Kasi (Thank you) for reading and considering visiting Pekutatn and Medewi while you are Bali, you won’t regret it.

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