Lena’s Kitchen Review: Patio Heaven

Lena’s Kitchen Review: Patio Heaven

Another breakfast that started with an Instagram hashtag. This time I went for “breakfastincanggu” it had several options to choose from, one stood out to me: Lena’s Kitchen. Once I found a photo of some of the food I went right over to their Instagram page to find every photo looking delicious. You can’t always judge a book by its cover though so I decided to try it out. This whole food review thing has me stumped at what to order – and I’m sad that my stomach can really only handle one meal at a time. With prices at 3-5$ per meal, I feel okay to order an extra meal for the gram to make sure I get a good idea of the place 😉 Very happy that I did. Now let’s get to the review.

Ambiance: 8.1/10

From the outside, it’s a cute looking small house that feels very open with a big outdoor patio. Even though it’s sort of on a main street and you can hear the street traffic, you can hardly see it from the plants that surround the patio, and really it is not that loud once you are inside (I hate eating at places close to the road). There are regular tables, a little bar that looks out into the patio and some couch type seats which I recommend to eat your breakfast. Super comfy and not an awkward … “I want to sit on this couch but it’s making it hard and weird to my meal”. There’s a ping pong table and a mini pool table inside as well for some entertainment while you wait for your food or at night while enjoying a drink. It’s clean, and happy vibes. There’s music playing that you can hear and enjoy but it isn’t too loud. It’s a good place to work remotely if your into that sort of thing and definitely kid friendly.

Menu 9.1/10 

The menu is huge. It had breakfast items any westerner would love to try, a large variety for good prices. There was coffee and juices as most breakfast places would have. They home make their noodles daily! Repeat – homemade noodles. Some awesome rice bowls, some local cuisine, all described wonderfully. The ingredients are fresh and I bet it would be hard to go wrong with anything you get here. They have real bacon and good avocado which is a big thing for me. Most items look healthy and I’ll just finish with I had a hard time choosing my breakfast, so I ended up getting two! 

Taste 9.3/10 

The B-A-E Bagel was more like an egg salad sandwich-type but dang! I’ve never seen that in the states on a breakfast menu and I thought it was a great combo and darn good idea. The bacon was crunchy and the avocado was fresh. Just enough of the mustard-mayo sauce combo to bring it all together. I’ve eaten egg salad many times but never on a breakfast bagel. The bagel was soft and fresh and when you took a bite of the sandwich everything stayed inside until the end.

The chicken rice bowl I ordered had an awesome light teriyaki sauce drizzled on and from someone who always orders extra sauce it had just enough there and soaked into the rice a little. The veggies were stir-fried nicely and not too soft and not too crunchy but done very well. The rice is usually a hit as it’s grown locally but there was something extra soft and fluffy about it. Some tofu added in which I’m not a huge tofu fan but I tried it and it was also good. If I didn’t also order a bagel sandwich I would have been all over it but I had to save myself, ya know? The portions are a good size for one person to fill up on a single meal. You don’t need two, I was just feeling extra greedy that day. 

Service 8.4/10 

The waitress took our order promptly, and the food was ready fast. Well-spoken English and all-around no complaints. If you want something though, you need to speak up. They don’t check on you if your water is down 3 inches like they do in the states, so don’t be expecting that.  There are a ton of places to eat in Canggu, Bali – but Lena’s kitchen is definitely worth a visit.

Overall 8.7/10

Location: Canggu, Bali

Price: 20,000-70,000 RPH ($1.50-5 USD)

IG: @lenaskitchenbali

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