I’m a regular girl, who turned her normal life into her dream one –  a traveling digital nomad while earning an income from what once was an inhouse job. (I tell you how to do this as you follow along;)

I built up the confidence after working in an office for one year to ask my *awesome boss* to work remote 100% of the time so that I can continue my passion for travel while earning an income.

He. Said. Yes!

Although, I purchased the one-way ticket, and then I asked – That’s more my style.  

I hope you follow along for fun travel advice, my favorite to-dos, to-eats, and to-sees, entertaining stories and videos of my trip along the way!

A tad bit more about me: 

My name is Sarah. I am from Santa Barbara, California and I graduated from UCSB with an Economics and Accounting major.

In 2015 I had enough of my micro-manager and I left for a one-week spontaneous solo adventure to Croatia to sail the Mediterranean Sea on a yacht with 10 other people that I did not know on something called The Yacht Week. I continued to travel on my own making my way full circle around the globe, hitting 9 countries and taking 11 months to do it. I like to take my time and try to experience the place as if I were a local, opposed to going somewhere for three days and then moving on to the next one. I studied abroad and traveled for several months in 2009 with friends and family, which is where my love and passion for traveling all started. 

When I am not traveling, I love sunset (or sunrise) chasing, good food, working on my recently purchased pop-up trailer, researching new ideas to make my next (or first) million, researching new restaurants (did I mention I love food?!), sailing, riding my bike, exploring the universe with my star app, a little self-care and of course learning something new.


(This is my family pupper from back home in California)


Wait, but what’s with this Every Six Weeks stuff???

I like to take my time in a new place. My goal when I started this blog from my bedroom in Santa Barbara was to travel the world to different countries or cities for six weeks at a time. I wanted to really get a better feel for the place rather than just passing through. Gathering my favorite places, restaurants, things to do, special tips, the best websites and apps to use and anything else I thought helpful for a future traveler to those destinations. I wanted to experience the place as a local does, by living in their houses, shopping from their markets, doing the things they do for fun – as well as hitting some of those touristy spots too. 

Two years later my dream has come to be my reality and here I am, a digital nomad traveling Every Six Weeks.