Aga Living Surf Camp – Medewi, Bali Review

Aga Living Surf Camp – Medewi, Bali Review

If you are looking for a place to stay in Medewi, Aga Living Surf Camp is going to be a top choice of mine. Don’t be fooled by the title of Surf Camp – this is not a hostel and not any sort of “camp”. It is a family-run hotel style, that is very clean and comes with a wonderful homemade breakfast from the very friendly staff.

The Review

Where do I even begin with this wonderful family-owned establishment? They seem to be my saviors every time I come to Medewi. The most recent time was a bit different though. I messaged the owner at 11:30 pm in hopes of a room to stay while I had just found a crazy poisonous bug in the room I was originally supposed to stay. An emergency room I called it.

He responded right away saying there was a space available for me. When I got there around midnight, the staff was there changing the sheets and getting the room ready for me. Talk about A+ service already – and continued from the last time I stayed there also. I was very apologetic that they had to wake up and come over from their home but with smiles on their faces, they kept saying no problem.

I was dealing with a super rash from either this poisonous bug or some sort of reaction to something that I may have eaten.

They helped me and reassure me that I was okay and not dying – seems dramatic but see my post titled I Came In Contact With A Rove Beetle And They Told Me It Was As Poisonous As A Cobra. Stay Cool to get a better understanding of what happened.

Atmosphere & Location

The place is just a block from the beach, a 1-minute walk, and they offer up surfboards for rent if you’d like and someone to give a lesson is also available. It is a perfect place for solo travelers, for first-timers to Medewi and also for repeat customers. The place is family-owned – the owner and his family are there a few days a week, and the rest of the time it is run by the amazing staff.

The ambiance there is quiet and mellow. All the furniture is handmade by Aga’s team and lucky for him he was published in a magazine for his wonderful woodwork which many celebrities have actually purchased his furniture including George Clooney and more (I forgot who else but he named at least 7 celebs).

The price for the rooms ranged from 400.000-800.000 Rupiah per night depending on what level you are on. The higher the level, the better the view, and the higher the price. I would recommend the middle level as the view is stunning, it’s quiet, there are lawn chairs to chill on and it was just perfect. As a single traveler though, 600.000 RP can add up quickly so the second time around I opted for the lower level which didn’t include a desk or mini-fridge and you can hear a bit more action from the kitchen area but you still can’t beat the comfortable bed and amazing shower. Seriously one of the better showers I’ve ever had. Plenty of hot water and perfect pressure.


The place also comes with a free breakfast in the morning. You can choose from an egg omelet, a banana pancake or toast with jam. I’m not really a pancake kinda girl but these are so good and not your traditional pancake. The breakfast also includes a fresh fruit array and a tea or coffee to go with your main meal. It’s cooked perfectly every single time.


There is also a pool to hang by which is just down the road, a one minute walk, at his other property where there are wooden houses for rent also. The pool is nice with comfy surrounding handmade furniture. I would recommend Aga Living Surf Camp to solo travelers and families alike. I’ve seen both here really enjoying their time at this place. On my list of places to stay in Medewi, this is one of my favorites.

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