Bombora Hotel Review – That Infinity Pool Though. Medewi, Bali

Bombora Hotel Review – That Infinity Pool Though. Medewi, Bali

Medewi is a small town on the west coast of Bali where not many tourists have discovered quite yet. Although it’s small, and can be a bit of a sleepy place, it’s good for a relax reset, to see some of the “real Bali” and to just get off the beaten path of tourist traps that you always hear everyone talking about.

It’s a great surf spot for all experience levels, has really nice roads to drive the scooter on that aren’t super crowded. It has some good local food, waterfalls, sea turtles, bike treks and not to mention one of the best places for a snorkel session is just about 2 hours away. Also, if you are into trekking volcanos – there’s a famous one called Mount Ijen that still burns blue fire at night (it’s red in the day so we trek this volcano at 1:00 am – bring your gloves, it’s a cold hike up).

The review:


It’s a less rugged travel vibe, and more of a chic vibe, especially for Medewi – but for not that much money. This place is definitely catered towards a more luxurious stay for the pool amenities and for the label of staying at Bombora.

Outside of your room on your private little patio you also have your own surf rack to hold your bord, and inside they have a yoga mat, foam roller, and medicine ball for exercises after you get done with a surf – all nice touches.

The rooms (on the bottom floor, at least) were small though and not much view. If you pay x more you get a top-level room which I think is what they bank on and what you would want if you were staying here to make it a little more worth it. I didn’t find the value of the smaller room to be worth the $100 per night but upstairs they all had ocean views, and outside day beds on the balcony to hang out on. If you can afford the $100 room, make the extra $20-50 splurge for the upstairs room to be able to enjoy a bit more.

They have one of the most famous restaurants/bars/pools in Medewi. People from hotels and Airbnb’s all over come to gather at Bombora Hotel as it overlooks the point and you can scout the waves and watch the surfers and enjoy a decently priced beer, smoothie or snacks from the restaurant.


This place is one of the more popular places to stay as it’s right on the point with an awesome infinity pool that overlooks the beach. As you take your photo of the pool it just blends right in with the ocean – it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen and they have these awesome pillows in the water to float on.

Even if you are not staying at the hotel you can enjoy the million-dollar view from the restaurant which serves Indonesian and also Western food along with some Chinese and Mexican flavors as well. If there is one little main street in Medewi, with one popular location, this will be it.


As you know a comfortable bed is maybe the most important thing to me while traveling away from my own. The bed here was really comfortable. A+ I would say. I like sort of soft beds but it wasn’t too soft but not hard. It also came with an array of nice pillows to lay your face on which were also really comfortable. If a comfy bed is what you are looking for, you won’t be disappointed with this place, even if you opt for the cheaper room.


The bathroom was very nice, but it didn’t have any windows, and there was something about the shower that I didn’t love. But that’s not to say it wasn’t a decent shower. I like a good water pressure – or cool showerhead – or I don’t know some good shower soaps, this one kinda sorta – at least in my room, lacked these things. But like anything, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure… or whatever that saying is. It didn’t win in the shower/bathroom department for me but that’s not to say it wasn’t okay. It still came with nice touches of plumeria flowers in nice bowls giving the bathroom nice smells.

Value for money

I have mixed feelings. The standard room (the cheapest room) you can get is on the bottom floor, and that’s what I ended up having. Each room has a nice little patio with a table and it’s a nice added touch that each room comes with a yoga mat and a medicine ball and a foam roller to stretch out after a surf, or just because that’s your sort of thing.

The room though was small, and sort of dark and without any sort of view. Yes, you can hear the ocean all night and all day which is a really nice perk, but I wouldn’t say that should be the best part of the room.

The cheapest room they had was about $100 per night. It did though, including a really nice breakfast which I am all about. Breakfast included tea or coffee, fresh fruit juice, and a selection off the menu. Their breakfast and comfy bed are what almost had me stay an extra few nights there after my initial stay but I decided to try out a place that was half the price (and glad I did).


If you are looking for a trendy place to stay Bombora is definitely the place for you. It has more of a modern feel and you will catch some of the cooler cats there – except you can always stay just down the street and end up at Bombora for the night too…. anyway, if I were with my honey and trying to have a nice ol’ time, I would really like the Bomobora feel. If I were a traveling surfer and didn’t want to break the budget – I would definitely opt for another option.

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