Not Wearing Makeup For Six Weeks Helped My Self Confidence For Life.

Not Wearing Makeup For Six Weeks Helped My Self Confidence For Life.

It started because I was driving for hours on end, not seeing many people but gas station attendants and … yeah, that might be it. I also didn’t have access to showers, so there was no point to paint my face with powder and eyeliner.

It was easy while I was on the road because no one knew me. No one expected me to show up looking a certain way. Normally, if I get a compliment, it is on my eyes. I have green eyes and wear eyeliner, which draws people’s attention to them. In Colorado, someone told me,  “Well if we had people walk in every day with a pretty smile like that…” I don’t remember what it was we were talking about, but I took the compliment differently than I had any other compliment in my past. I took it to heart. (dawww)..but really.

Something was happening that hadn’t ever before; I felt pretty without makeup, and I felt it even before that compliment. I felt pretty …pretty much the whole time (AND I only showered 2 times in 6 days on my road trip haha.)  What was happening was I was feeling more comfortable in my own skin, and a lot of that is happening lately. Until I decided to drive into San Diego to visit my friend Corey. I hadn’t showered in a few days and even though we are good friends, I still felt embarrassed without makeup now that I was in a place around people I was familiar with (stupid right?). 

As we were catching up over a Margarita, I told him about my no makeup experience, and how not wearing it over the last week, I thought it had helped me improve my confidence. I started to tell him about the blog I had recently started, and the reasoning behind me titling it: “Every Six Weeks”. He jokingly said, “do no makeup for 6 weeks.” I  scuffed and was basically like, “You are actually crazy.” I drove home that night though still thinking about his challenge. I thought about how I was starting a new job on Monday, how would I just show up with no makeup? I wore the same face since almost 8th grade. Nothing special, but it made me feel like me, and without it, I was an ugly/weird someone else. That night on my drive home, I chose to get out of my comfort zone and to do it. Challenge accepted. Six Weeks (well 5, I counted my previous week as week 1) without makeup.

During that 5 weeks I had the following planned: 

A Vacation to Chicago                                                                                                                    My first day in Chicago, yeah, I caved. I wanted to look “pretty” so I wore makeup on day one, but you know what? I felt the same (to a certain extent). It didn’t give me magical confidence powers or anything that I thought that it used to, so I didn’t wear it the second day. It was working. “It” as in, me feeling better about myself, the more comfortable I got with myself. Yes, with something as simple as not wearing makeup, and I don’t really wear that much to begin with.


Work was actually the easiest part. I was a new face for everyone. No one expected eyeliner and masquera. I actually really liked not wearing makeup to work. It cut my getting ready time down to 15 minutes. HA! Now, ironically, my concern is showing up to work with eyeliner and masquera after having not done so ever…My “normal” is suddenly…not so normal to everyone else.

Dinner in Los Angeles                                                                                                I was meeting some friends that I had met in Croatia, a time where, even though we were sailing on a yacht with limited water and space, I still made the effort to shower and put on make up every single day. (In all fairness, it was Yacht Week, and I would do nothing different a second time around). I thought about it for two days, but decided, with one week left in my little challenge to myself, this was a great true test to myself. It sounds easy and dumb to you right? It was a huge personal milestone for me. I felt no different there at dinner than if I would have gotten all dolled up. I was so happy to be with my friends again that it just didn’t matter. I wasn’t even thinking about it and I doubt they were either. 

Benefits                                                                                                                                    Washing my face is so much easier without having to get off all that black stuff. Getting ready for work in the morning takes 15 minutes less, that means, I can literally shower and get ready for work in about 16 and a half minutes. My confidence has totally changed and grown by probably 80%( I have no way of actually measuring that). You know in movies how girls would get up early before the guy and put more makeup on? I’ve literally done that (like 3 times but still, I’ve done it). I would NEVER post an IG or Snap Chat without makeup and even with it on – I would add the ‘pretty filter’. I would never post a Snap Chat story without a voice filter because I was afraid of what I sounded like. Subconsciously, I have stopped doing all those things. I post silly and weird and (omg no! Why would she post that) even ugly pictures and videos of me on Snap Chat and Instagram because they are fun and funny (at least to me). I do it for myself (and a little for you), because honestly, it’s fun and you may kindly Love Me or Leave Me. 

This has been a very rewarding yet extremely simple Six Weeks, maybe I will go back to wearing makeup on August 1st, or maybe I won’t. (8/10/17 Update, I have not gone back to wearing it yet!!) Eventually, I did…But now when I don’t, it’s 100% less of a “thing” than it was before. Go out on a Friday night with no makeup and workout clothes? No problem anymore, I even did this last night.

I truly feel a transformation and growth from this experience every day since then even a year down the road (it is now 10.10.18) and I know I will feel its effects forever, what a wonderful thing.

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